Hada DBank Team up with Scandinavian Exchange F1Cryptos, Listing Their Native HADA Tokens


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Hada DBank’s Token Generation Event is in progress and have already caught the eyes of a Scandinavian crypto exchange, F1 Cryptos. The two organizations have decided to team up and HADA, tokens of the decentralized bank, will be listed on the F1 Cryptos exchange.

Introducing Hada DBank

Hada DBank is a blockchain based, decentralized banking system that bases its rules and regulations in accordance to Islamic law. The result is an Islamic bank that is unique when it comes to crypto market. Services include debit cards, monetary profits from dividends, collateral on loans, and trading on crypto exchanges.

A Malaysian startup, the bank and its novel approach to reach out to the bankless (and banked) in a way that gives all the services offered by major international banks, but avoiding interest, a big no in Islamic banking, caught the attention of key members in F1 Cryptos.

Racing Forward with F1 Cryptos

F1 Cryptos is an exchange that is serious about its business. A mature and experienced organization, F1 Cryptos started as a Forex brokerage and asset management firm. Adaptation to modern tools and trades of the business has always been the key to their success – the firm quickly realized the potential of cryptocurrencies and after several meetings with American service providers, the firm decided to open their arms to digital monies. F1 Cryptos is registered Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, ensuring that it is a trusted and safe exchange.

Providing Insights

In a meeting with Darrell Emanuel, President DE Asset Management, F1 Cryptos partner, Michael Buchbinder learnt of HADA Coin. Mr. Emanuel is an advisor to Hada DBank and was able to provide in depth information about the decentralized bank. Further study by F1 Cryptos convinced the FX firm that the business model of Hada Dbank is sound. Not only is the idea realistic, the blockchain bank is a first of its kind and has massive opportunity to attract customers.

Hada DBank is a full fledged bank that gives its customers opportunities to save, invest and spend in an environment that is safe, fast and cheaper compared to traditional banks. The merging of Islamic banking rules into the blockchain technology eliminates the need of borders. With nearly quarter of the world’s population being Muslim, the decentralized bank can reach anyone anywhere in the world.

Approaching the Matter

F1 Cryptos has been very strict on which cryptocurrency to list on their platform,and the team is convinced that Hada DBank has a sound, working business, which will provide ongoing benefits to all parties involved. Taking this in account, the firm approached Hada DBank and and expressed their wish to list the HADA coin on their platform. Hada DBank accepted the offer as both companies have a common goal of bringing value to their customers. F1 Cryptos will be the first exchange to list HADA coin when the token generation event of HADA is over on 28th of February. The ongoing event prices 1 ETH = 4000 HADA.

Learn more on the Hada DBank website: https://www.hada-dbank.com/

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