Leading Cryptocurrency Marketer Jeremy Epstein Joins the ARK Team as Lead Advisor


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Business in the industry of Cryptocurrency can be tricky. While some entrepreneurs can have great ideas and life changing inventions, sometimes they never get the chance to showcase what they have due to marketing being such an important factor in a product taking off.

ARK is refusing to fall into the trap of not having their marketing and business on par with their technology and product. Not only were they the first company to successfully become France’s first cryptocurrency SCIC but now they have Jeremy Epstein batting for their side as well.

Jeremy is the highly praised marketing genius and CEO of Never Stop Marketing. Never Stop Marketing is an experienced marketing agency that offers an exceptional level of consultancy and support for companies that are blockchain and decentralised-based. Jeremy has over 20 years of international marketing experience under his belt.

Don Tapscott, the Co-founder & Executive Director of the Blockchain Research Institute had nothing but praise for Jeremy:

“When it comes to unlocking new value for marketers and customers on the blockchain, Jeremy Epstein is the go-to subject matter”

Sharing His Understanding of Marketing

His vast knowledge in the field of marketing and business is unbeatable – Jeremy has a brilliant track record having worked with companies like Microsoft and Sprinklr. As the VP of Marketing for Sprinklr the company grew from $20 million valuation to a whopping $1.8 billion in merely 4 years.

Furthermore, Jeremy is a co-founder of a prominent crypto community, the Crypto Explorers, which aims to understand and analyse a decentralised future. Jeremy has the ability to provide cutting edge ideas and in-depth knowledge to bolster ARK onto the world map.

Jeremy has spoken and participated at many blockchain events and research institutes. He is also a frequent contributor to VentureBeat, Bitcoin Magazine and Distributed Magazine alongside being a notable guest on the Bitcoin Podcast. It is clear he has invested himself in promoting and spreading education and awareness around the industry and technology at hand.

One of ARK’s goals for 2018 is to share and promote their revolutionary vision with the public and developers. With Jeremy working his magic, his strong grasp of the applications of blockchains and the technology behind it will make him a valuable member of the ARK team.

About ARK

The aim of ARK is to provide users, developers and startups with an innovative blockchain ecosystem. This virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases makes ARK an adaptable and scalable platform. ARK provides a secure and accessible service that is aimed for mass adoption.

The ARK team was founded by 27 individuals from around the world. The ARK has 17 primary members hailing from 11 different countries. The team has a diverse background ranging from multiple industries including education, medicine, engineering, front-end and back-end development making it a concrete team to propel the project forward. They are all dedicated to the success of the project and delivery of a game-changing technology for everyone to use.

Learn more about ARK at http://ark.io/

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