Healthcare Needs More Than Just the Blockchain


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Our health is dynamic, it changes with the environment that we are subjected to and is a consequence of the conditions that we are exposed to. Whereas in the past, people were more exposed to infectious diseases, today even in developing countries we are coping with the epidemic of lifestyle diseases associated with sedentary and easy life. Add to that the problem of a greying and aging globe, Deloitte in a report titled 2016 Global Health Care Outlook state, “Population aging is accelerating rapidly worldwide. Increased life expectancy — up from an estimated 72.3 years in 2014 to 73.3 years in 2019 — will bring the number of people aged 65+ worldwide to over 604 million, or 10.8 percent of the total global population.” This aging population needs support to stay healthy and there are new healthcare challenges to be met due to lifestyle diseases as well.

Yet, there is a crisis in healthcare that needs surmounting urgently. World Health Organisation estimates that there would be a shortfall of 12.9 million health-care workers by 2035. Funding crisis, with drop in funding lead to mortality rise and the fact that existing systems have a crisis of confidence in terms of medical supply chains, data security, medical records means there is space for serious reform. Healthureum, a new Ethereum blockchain based project is bringing change to healthcare.

From Consultation to Research

Healthureum is a blockchain based project that aims to usher in transparency, accountability and scalability in the healthcare sector across the spectrum. Patients will benefit from the tokenization of healthcare that Healthureum is envisaging. Starting with Data Systemization that will bring safety and security of the blockchain to medical records, personal data and test results as well as billing. Accessing healthcare would become more secure and dependable as Healthureum will bring patients and doctors together. A mobile application system will be built  that will allow Healthureum tokens (HHEM) to be used to pay for healthcare. Doctors consultations and referrals can be accessed through the app using these tokens and even second opinions taken for peace of mind. The benefits extend to those in the medical profession as well as there would be increased availability of data through the Healthureum ecosystem for putting together medical infrastructure. Decisions on spending for infrastructure can be based on need thus serving the needs of the medical facilities as well as the patients. Tokens will also benefit research as the Healthureum system will ensure safety and security of research data, better record keeping and quality monitoring.

Healthureum Token riding on the blockchain

Healthureum is based on Ethereum and is an ERC20 utility token. This token would be the key for using services and for making the entire system function. It will be utilised in paying the service fee for storage and management of financial data in the system, for paying doctors and other medical professionals, for payment towards medical tests and diagnostics. As the medium for paying service fee for medical infrastructure and for its purchase and repair. As a reward for research subjects and even for patients who submit their information for research purposes. What is more, Healthureum tokens can be utilised for donations and for philanthropic activities. Deployed in the Ethereum blockchain, the token would function to a predetermined set of rules due to the smart contract functionality and ensure that the entire system works without human intervention cutting down on fraud, errors while delivering exceptional reliability.

Token Generation Event

Healthureum is a huge project that requires a different approach than a standard ICO and that is why the project will be holding a Token Generation Event (TGE) starting February 26, 2018 and last until April 1, 2018. The project’s various stages will be funded as crucial milestones are reached through the TGE. Healthureum Tokens (HHEM) can be purchased using currencies like BTC, ETH and ECH during the token sale. A total of 150 million tokens are up for sale and a participation guide is available for investors. Early investors will stand to benefit not only because they would be entering the project at the initial price point but also because there are incentives in the form of bonus tokens available. Investors who participate on the first day of the TGE will get 22% extra tokens. In the first week, 17% bonus is available, in the second 12%, third week 7% and in the fourth week 2%. There is no bonus in the fifth and last week of the sale.

The right implementation matters

The Healthureum project is about not only bringing the blockchain to an existing health system but also making the system more trustworthy. Indeed, not all problems in the health system can be solved by the blockchain nor is it a panacea of sorts but the project aims to use ingenuity and the existing developments in blockchain to address important issues. As an example, a lot of data that is generated by healthcare systems like diagnostic scans etc are comprised of large files, which are unsuitable for the blockchain to transmit from A to B, but using encrypted links these data can be provided securely and dealt with off-chain. It is through these type of approaches that a new healthcare system will emerge. The token and the blockchain are just the tools, the real value of Healthureum lies in the implementation of these tools which will finally give people their data, their doctor in the way they desire.

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