SIBCoin: The World’s First True Cryptocurrency to Take Modern Financial System to Next Age

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Before the advent of blockchain technology, there is no doubt that the global financial system has been broken as a result of a trustless environment.

Interestingly, SIBCoin made a major breakthrough by applying blockchain technology to consistently maintain consensus pertaining to the state of distributed data ledger in a completely trustless environment. In fact, SIBCoin gives everyone a fair chance in a free economy.

SIBCoin is a decentralized digital currency and a peer-to-peer payment processing system. It has no need for intermediaries because the regulatory function is carried out by a cryptographic mathematical algorithm.

SIBCoin users interact directly and form a decentralized network, where all transactions are recorded in an open to public scrutiny and tamper-proof digital ledger — distributed across all computers of the network and synchronized with the help of the aforementioned algorithm. SIBCoin is a Dash fork with a number of significant tweaks. The first block was generated in 2015.

Is SIBCoin the people’s next generation cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is.

SIBCoin’s ultimate mission is not only to provide the people with a financial instrument that would facilitate transfer of value over the internet in trustless environment; it will also introduce the broader public to decentralized autonomous organizations and blockchain philosophy in general.

Initially, SIBCoin was conceived to be a Siberian cryptocurrency, but overtime, it expanded to fill in the vacuum in the Eastern Europe. Although it has merged a vast fraction of Russian-speaking crypto communities, but today, it  used in countries like America,  Asia, Europe and still expanding.

Why do you need SIBCoin?

  • It is the currency of the future that operates with no central authority or banks.
  • It is pretty much convenient to use than the well known material assets, such as fiat money, precious metals and even real estate. As a user, you can easily download the Chervonets app on your Smartphone to conveniently use your SIBCoin  anytime you want to.
  • It’s transaction processes are super-fast — within few seconds, you can easily withdraw SIBCoin to a credit card of any Ukrainian or Georgian bank or even send a SEPA-transfer to a European bank. You can also buy SIBCoin for rubles and use it for other purposes like shopping and so on.
  • It’s a sure currency for ideal travelers because it has unlimited nationality. In fact, it reduces the risk of going around with a lot of cash.
  • It ensures your maximum security and privacy — by keeping your payments private so that nobody can track you, thanks to Darksend.

SIBCoin withstands competition in the blockchain world.

Ultimately, SIBCoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the post-Soviet space; and with the community of its adepts, they have helped achieved a lot so far, and still working tirelessly on further developments, improvement and innovations every day.

Having gain it’s own place in the crypto-market, it has won the trust of many users.  However, this cryptocurrency is open for new challenges that appear in the market. In fact, SIBCoin development foundation is always ready to improve the system and keep pace with other cryptocurrencies.

SIBCoin is the solution to complex tasks in the cryptosphere.

Currently, this cryptocurrency is not just open for new challenges that appear in the crypto market but it is also ready to provide solution to complex tasks since the blockchain technology gives cryptocurrency projects an opportunity for constant development.

Moreover, the SIBCoin community are in the process of forming a unique image that accurately reflects all it’s benefits in 2018.

SIBCoin as Currency for the Next Generation in Mars.

With Elon Musk having on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, being able to launch Falcon Heavy, with which he intends to begin the colonization of Mars which he unveiled the plan on September 2016, it becomes very obvious that a means of payment that may be used by the future space colony should be developed.

The community of SIBCoin is said to be working round the clock to improve SIBCoin, to make it convenient for other planets. They intend to enable cosmic speed and super-reliable transactions for users.

The community of SIBCoin puts it this way, “We believe that this is the future of the human race and that is why we are working on improving SIBCoin. It is necessary to optimize the system as much as possible to make it convenient for other planets. Transactions should be carried out at the cosmic speed and stay super-reliable for users! This task is completely feasible and we work on it every day because SIBCoin is the currency of the future!”

They believe that their brilliant idea will replace the need of transporting gold and money for use in Mars and that they have the capability of sending cryptocurrency for a split second.

More information is available at https://www.medium/@siberiancoin/sibcoin/sibcoin is the Mars currency.

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