ICO Analysis : Kepler Technologies

The 21st century has brought forth the two major disruptions to modern society: the internet and the blockchain.

Technological advancement is now not only unavoidable, but likely our only shot at building a desirable future. Therefore, innovative fields around hi-tech sectors will naturally skyrocket in the coming decades.

Some of these fields obviously include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Robotics and the Internet Of Things.

Today, we’re following a Georgian-based start-up who attempts to combine most of the above into one single project.

Kepler Technologies is a corporate module that will focus on providing Robotics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, as well as a decentralized wealth distribution system used by their final products.

Georgia is a key geo-point that links the skilled manpower of the East with the technical advantages that come with the West. Thus, the company hired an international team of experts with IT, Robotics, Deep Learning, Governmental & Legal, and Blockchain backgrounds.

Kepler’s first project, currently on alpha-state, is called MIA. It is a humanoid robot designed to make life easier and more pleasurable serving as an everyday assistant with an inbuilt AI language in order to help its user with every-day tasks including shopping, through its integrated wallet system that allows it to execute transactions based on verbal commands.

Being a physical scale asset-backed project, Kepler has various other prograsmsin the pipeline including smart vacuum cleaners, shopping carts, security drones and other smart devices and autonomous applications that do not require any supervision from their users.


Kepler is launching a token called KEP that will be the main currency used inside and in-between Kepler products. This ERC-20 token will give users the power to acquire robots, licenses, subscriptions for AI services and other products that will be deployed with Kepler partners like the Robotic Hotel & Restaurant network, which will be billing all services with KEP.

KEP owners will be also part of an internal voting system, where users can decide what projects should be worked next, as well as posting innovative ideas that could be implemented by the Kepler network.

The total amount of KEP tokens is set to 257,000,000 units. 1,500,000 KEP distributed to build the community, while 5,000,000 distributed to pre-sale participants with a 30% bonus.

The ICO is held on three stages with bonuses from 15% to 5% on the final stage.  A total of 21,000,000 KEP tokens in total will be distributed to ICO participants while 201,000,000 will be sold on the public sale right after with no additional bonuses.


CEO & Co-Founder Giorgi Topuria is a Georgian native and serial entrepreneur, being the founder of many successful start-ups in various technological fields. He was an early bitcoin investor and it didn’t take him much time to figure out how blockchain could benefit him and his goals.

Co-Founder Givi Dolidze is an MBA graduate from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, one of the world’s leading MBA programs. Givi has several years of experience leading the best team of accountants with the reputable PwC company.

Mari Shubalidze (Head of HR) is fluent in four different languages. She graduated from Essex University with a dual degree in Business Marketing and Management works as a Marketing Manager with caviar producing company, Eco-Fish.

Levan Gabisonia (Technical Advisor) founded the first Robotics and Electronics Academy in Georgia. He managed Industrial Innovation Laboratories at Technology Park Georgia. Founder & CEO of SMART System Solutions and of the Publishing Company LIMES LLC. He is also the author of one of the best seller Physics books in his native country.

The team goes on with Georgian and international members specializing in business development, cutting-edge technology and blockchain.


All of the initial Kepler team members have multi-year expertise in their respective fields and the top names have worked and/or are also working with governmental institutions in Georgia and abroad.

The project itself is backed by the Georgian government as part of the National Reform Policy. Kepler’s international network consists of a ‘Mega Factory’, R&DlLab, education Campus and the online DLT based platform.

Of course, it is not a small task to compete with already well-established blockchain-backed projects that are similar or even identical when it comes to Kepler’s vision, but for now, the company shows professionalism and thirst for disruption.


From an investor’s perspective, the following facts are important to consider when weighing Kepler Technologies:

  • Kepler is a physical level asset-backed company; therefore a huge portion of the funds will be used to develop their vision and products. Traditional shares found in blockchain-based monetary systems may not apply here. -2
  • 257,000,000 KEP tokens is a significant number of units to be distributed among the company’s needs and individual investors. Other tokens with similar supply barter at a cost ranging from several cents to a couple of dollars even after months and years since their creation. Kepler’s initial price will be set around $1 USD. Based on statistics it’s price will either decline or stay about the same after the launch. -1
  • The company itself will struggle to outperform technologies that have been already under the wings of Japanese and U.S. robotic experts. They will need a real ace plan to convince professional investors into their path since Kepler is focused on physical products. -2

Growth Opportunity

  • On the other hand, focusing on Robotics and AI as their main plan, Kepler Technologies, unlike their competitors who research the same field as a “side project,” may have a significant advantage over the average Robotics project. +3
  • Georgia’s government is backing innovative start-ups in order to upscale the region’s social level. Kepler is one of the first technology companies in Georgia with an international presence. +2
  • Besides being a strategic midpoint between west and east, Georgia is also part of the WTO program, which enables the free flow of trade at low tariff costs. This could be beneficial as the Robotics and AI industries take off and Georgia is in the lead in terms of innovation and product development +2
  • Georgia is rich in materials used in Robotics and Technological products, providing yet another competitive advantage for future development.  +2.5


Robotics may be a field that lacks excessive funding, but we should be aware that there are dozens of companies that are already one step ahead of the game including Honda, Toyota, Boston Dynamics and General Electric to name a few.

Kepler Technologies may have an innovative vision of the future, but they are also another ERC-20 Ethereum Network based token that may struggle to unlock growth opportunities in a highly competitive market.

A score of 4.5 out of 10 is reserved for Kepler Technologies, based on present facts.

Investment Details

  • Type: Crowdsale
  • Symbol: KEP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Pre-Sale: Mar. 10, 2018
  • Public Sale: Mar. 20, 2018
  • Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC (KYC Required)

Disclaimer: The writer has no position in Kepler Technologies at the time of writing.

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