CaskCoin Launches World’s First Whisky Cryptocurrency

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5th March, 2018 (Paisley, Scotland) – The world’s first blockchain-based whisky investment fund has launched in Scotland, offering investors the chance to own a share of a £40 million portfolio of world-class scotch via a new cryptocurrency, CaskCoin.

The CaskCoin portfolio is comprised of a range of casks, including some of the most sought after old and rare single malts, which are aged between 21 and 50 years old in cask. These includes notable whiskies such as Macallan, Glenlivet, Bowmore, Dalmore and Port Ellen, plus several exceedingly rare casks from closed distilleries.

Each coin will be backed by physical ownership of a share of every cask in the CaskCoin portfolio, stored in bonded warehouses in Scotland, opening the portfolio to global investors.

The CaskCoin team draws upon expertise in asset management, cryptography, blockchain development and the whisky industry. It is led by operations director and renowned whisky expert Ricky Christie.

The whisky will be managed through to bottling using blockchain technology, with CaskCoin holders voting on the best time to bottle, sell and reinvest in the portfolio.

CaskCoin operations director Ricky Christie said: “With CaskCoin, we are marrying hundreds of years of tradition with cutting-edge technology to provide a unique opportunity to invest in one of the most sought-after whisky portfolios in the world.

“Whisky has a rich history as a store of value and a medium of exchange, and we are building upon this idea with the help of the blockchain and our new CaskCoin cryptocurrency.

“Scotch is the most recognised and popular spirit in the world and has proven to be a robust and tangible investment that has consistently outperformed others in the marketplace.  CaskCoin is the first time that our industry has been opened to a global investor base.”

Alongside its range of old and rare single malts, the CaskCoin portfolio also includes a broad selection of single malts, from all the recognised regions of distilling in Scotland, aged from five to 20 years. Blended malts, single grains and blended scotch whisky complete the portfolio, all from notable distilleries and reserved exclusively for blending purposes.

CaskCoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) will look to raise more than £40 million and runs between March 12th and March 30th. A total of 5.2 million ERC-20 tokens will be available, at a cost of £8.15 each.

The minimum investment is £30,000, with payment in bitcoin or ether. Token bonuses are available for investors who buy CaskCoin in the first ten days of the sale.

Following the conclusion of the ICO, CaskCoin tokens will be publicly tradeable on a number of exchanges, with details to follow later in the year.

For more information and to read the whitepaper, please visit:

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Ricky Christie launches CaskCoin.

Ricky Christie is available for interviews. For more information, please contact:

Square in the Air Communications

David Bartram

+44 (0) 20 3586 1978

[email protected]

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