Premier Cloud Mining Provider Hashflare Slashes Scrypt Contract Rates


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For those looking to earn bitcoin through mining without having to bear the noise, heat, and maintenance of all of the equipment, cloud mining has always been an attractive option.

Hashflare, a leading cloud mining service provider, has now slashed their Scrypt mining rates to $4.20 per 1 mh/s, a 40% reduction in price.

Additional Discount Opportunity

There is also a 5% discount code on top of that, allowing users to save even more when using the discount code HF18WQOD22J5 until March 6th. While each user can only use the code once, the code can only be used 900 times in total, so users should act fast to secure extra savings.

Hashflare not only offers Scrypt contracts, but also SHA-256, Ethereum, as well as ZCASH contracts, and has been in operation for 3 years. Besides offering reliable operations of the contract, additional features combined with a competitive rate has made it a premier choice for cloud mining.

These features include proof of hashrate, mining pool selection, as well as instant payouts. All three aim to make the cloud mining experience more like having actual hardware, by providing flexibility in where you choose to allocate hashing power, as well as instant payouts that are typically associated with mining yourself.

Advantages Of Choosing Hashflare

Hashflare contracts also are valid for a year, and have no maintenance fees, which has made them a popular choice for users looking for the best ROI times possible. The discounts announced should only further accelerate timings, meaning faster profit times for customers, and more business for the enterprise.

With the cryptocurrency market stabilizing, now is a good time to purchase contracts and start earning coins before the inevitable increase in valuation occurs again. Scrypt-based coins, such as Litecoin, will prove to be attractive after this 40% discount, only further sweetened with the potential 5% discount applied on top of that.

Cloud Mining Encourages Mining

With mining dominated by big players with datacenters full of hardware, cloud mining is a viable way for users to contribute to network security, but also earn some cryptocurrency along the way for a minimal cost of investment. This also has the effect of encouraging more people to mine, allowing for further decentralization. Since the barrier of entry is so low, people unwilling or unable to commit large amounts of time or resources can participate in securing the blockchain as well.

While typically users would have to fork over money for an ASIC and electricity, users of cloud mining can purchase small contracts and either reinvest earnings or purchase more power as budget allows.

There is also no worry of maintenance, reliable uptime of hardware, as well as no heat or noise issues — both things often overlooked when considering ASICs.

If at anytime you decide cloud mining is not for you, it’s a lot easier to exit positions as well. Purchasing mining hardware means if you decide to stop mining, you either could attempt to sell the ASIC or just throw it away. With cloud mining, once the contract ends, that’s it. No hardware to worry about.

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