Morpheus Labs in Partnership with Momentum Works Announces New Public Token Generation Event


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Token Generation Events are springing up everywhere as more and more companies are being decentralized and launched on programmable blockchains like Ethereum, NEO and Stratis. These new companies constitute a variety of industries including cutting edge tech like VR and Real Estate, one of the least tech savvy sectors. This healthy combination of both futuristic and contemporary industries means that blockchain and decentralization has the capability of cross the board adaptation, irrespective of the kind of industry itself.

Blockchain services are a new niche that resulted from the blockchain revolution. Morpheus Labs, a new Singapore-based Blockchain-Platform-As-a-Service (BPaaS), has entered public token generation mode. According to Morpheus Labs, more than 6200 ETH has already been raised through private offerings around the world, with an additional $30 million in written commitments from partners across the globe.

Morpheus and Momentum Works

Morpheus Labs is a blockchain platform for enterprises. It allows them to design, deploy and operate ledgers of all kinds with minimal hassle. The team is led by a cross-functional mix of talent that has over 70 years experience in AI, blockchain and mobile application development.

ICOs and other token generation events are spreading across the world with more and more companies being launched. Morpheus Labs is aiming to spearhead a collaboration on these projects across Asia with help from its partners. It has recently teamed up with Momentum Works, a Singapore-based venture builder and it has a strong standing in tech business model adaptation niche.

Both startups look to benefit strongly from this collaboration as they have considerable expertise in their relevant fields. With the talent from Momentum Works and Morpheus’ access to well-established revenue generating companies, the strategic alliance in the blockchain space is one to look out for.

The MITx Token Generation Event

The private token generation event lasted till 24th of February and the public sale has commenced from then onwards. The public sale is divided into three stages, each with different discount rates being offered off the base price. The first stage will last till March 9 and will have 35% discount while the second stage will offer 20% discount from March 10-23, while the third and final stage won’t have a bonus and will run from March 23-April 15th.

The native token is called the MITx token, and a billion of them will be digitally minted — of which around 250 million will be available in the token generation event. The rate is set at 8000 MITx tokens=1 ETH although you can avail discounts in tier 1 and 2 of the token sale.

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