Investing In Crypto to make money? A strong Team is what you must invest in.

An insight into Polyswarm

Where can you find the most engaged and excited teams in the world?

At the Googleplex? In the boardroom? Within a techie start-up?


Just visit your local park on a Saturday morning to observe driven and motivated teams in action. They work together towards a common goal, celebrating small victories along the way. They learn from their mistakes, acknowledging how each member can improve on the next go-around. They’re led by a confident, charismatic leader, who helps them understand their individual roles and communicates and upholds the team vision. And when the team hits a home-run, everyone cheers and high-fives, knowing they’ve reached that success together.

It’s the mortar, not just the bricks, that makes a building robust.

The mortar, in this context, is social capital: mutual reliance, an underlying sense of connectedness that builds trust.

This idea of team work grew out of the study of communities and what made them survive and flourish in times of stress.

But the concept takes on vital importance when applied to organizations that are now routinely beset by change, surprise, and ambiguity.

At work, no less than in communities, the core team plays a critical role in making individuals and companies more resilient, better able to do conflict well.

If you have been following my articles at all, you know how much emphasis I put on research. Hardcore Research. Of the technology and team both.

And while I never got up-close with any team in particular, I recently had the chance to connect with the Team of Polyswarm, a threat intelligence blockchain start-up which relies on a decentralized ecosystem of enterprises, consumers, vendors and geographically diverse security experts to solve security concerns in real-time.



Functioning on the Ethereum smart contract platform, the company aims to incentivize developers, enterprises, security experts, and umm… just about anyone who provides punctual and swift threat intelligence to security issues posted on its interface

A first in this Industry, which gives it a solid first mover advantage, this seamless, blockchain based system efficiently creates a market for tailored threat detection solutions.

Why experience matters in the Crypto market ?

Blockchain is a tech tool — and a complex one at that — and teams need first-rate developers to help you set it up.

If they have no blockchain master at hand.

Fatal. Right ?

Not really. This being quite a new field, experts are still a rare breed, but most great developers can learn the ropes and the right languages.

Just note that it might take a few months, and many set-backs.

It doesn’t stop there: teams need business-oriented people to get on board with the whole project. Keep in mind that blockchain is not a stand-alone technology, but one that should serve your operations and your bottom line.

Quite evidently, the Polyswarm team seems to be aware of this fact, and has put together a team of highly experienced techies, security geeks, marketers, and finance stalwarts.

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