NAGA Debit Card Announces Pre-Registration


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The NAGA platform has opened pre-registration for the NAGA Debit Card with an initial run of 10,000 cards this all happening six months ahead of schedule. Witnessing the NAGA platforms development, the NAGA debit card will become the first fully-functioning, crypto-friendly debit card on the market.

Users of the NAGA debit card will have global access to anywhere, which already accepts Mastercard. Funding of the card has been made with usability in mind, loading the NAGA debit card with funds is simple.and follows the usual conventional methods of funding a bank account or card. The advantage of the NAGA debit is that users are able to find with cryptocurrencies, including the native NAGA token, NAGA Coin.

The NAGA Ecosystem

As NAGA ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, the NAGA debit card will soon become fully integrated into all of the NAGA’s platforms. Users of NAGA TRADER (formerly SwipeStox) This being NAGA’s social trading platform, will allow users to transfer their stock market profits directly to the NAGA debit card and spend their winnings on “real-world” purchases.

With the impending release of their gaming platform Switex, the company will allow users to transfer their in-game profits into cash that can be spent online or offline, all over the world. Users will find they can fund the NAGA debit card straight from their wallets which are about to drop imminently. With almost half of the set pre-registration debits cards claimed, users must act fast if they want to get hold of one of these cards now.

A Head in The Game

After completing one of 2017’s most successful token generation events, the NAGA debit card is ahead of the game and is continuing to astonish and set a very disruptive tone along with other NAGA products and services. 2018 is already looking very promising and set for another year of continuous growth. With pre-registration now open, users may register for a NAGA Debit Card here.

The Native Naga Token: NAGA Coin

As the NAGA Debit Card has options to be funded by all major cryptocurrencies is one of the most unique functions we have seen in this ecosystem so far, one of the most exciting features of the NAGA Debit Card will be the incorporation of NAGA’s utility token, the NAGA Coin (NGC). As we push further into the year, the native NAGA token, NGC will become the main unit of account on all of the NAGA platforms. Users of the NAGA Coin on NAGA TRADER and Switex will have a reduced commissions and other benefits on both platforms and the transferring of NGC across the NAGA Platforms to the NAGA debit card will all be made perfectly seamless.

About NAGA

The NAGA platform is accompanied by the NAGA  team comprised of more than 120 people across Europe who aim to reinvent the online trading and gaming industry by providing everyone the possibility to trade financial instruments and virtual items. Compared to the NAGA competitors within the online trading and gaming industry, NAGA is the first platform that combines both worlds and sees itself as the trading platform of the future. NAGA doesn’t  just believe in decentralized and transparent data but also in the power of decentralized services. The NAGA vision of the all-in-one platform for financial services is not geographically bound by borders. Today’s technology and regulation allows us to create a decentralized third-party marketplace that brings the leading financial technology to everyone around the globe.

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