Bringing True Crypto Exchange & Trade Services to the Masses: CoinMetro’s Token Sale Is Now Underway


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Traditional financial circles have often hailed Blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies as unwanted. Huge, unprecedented investments into digital tokens have been warned by central authorities as unwise. With such an unregulated market, it is easy for people to lose their investments in scams. This has forced even the most crypto accepting nations such as South Korea to clamp down on exchanges. Even Coinbase, one of the largest digital exchanges, is compliant in regulations such as FinCEN, the Bank Secrecy Act and other AML and KYC laws.

This has greatly affected the service level of exchanges. Long waits in customer verification, compliance with laws for specific markets and services has made them slow. The sheer amount of trading is also clogging up the exchanges that were not designed for such volume. The ever increasing value of coins and tokens on the platforms make them prime targets for hacks, too. The most ironic part is that these platforms offering exchange and trading financial services for decentralized currencies are nearly always centralized in nature. All of this leads towards services which are increasingly becoming fragmented as to keep operations in control and secure.

CoinMetro – One Size Fits All

After years of experience and observation of Crypto and traditional markets, the core team realized that unless traditional banking and financial services as a whole were not offered to people in a regulated manner, cryptocurrencies would never be adopted by the masses. This included clients from varying backgrounds, from the casual investor who just wants to experiment, to people who want to use the ease offered by quick and trustless transactions; to intensive money-conscious traders and large institutions and firms wanting to raise capital and diversify their asset portfolios.

The idea of catering to every kind of client was first explored by the team when they set up FXPIG, a forex and professional trading platform for fiat, back in 2011, which had multiple trading options, was transparent in its dealings and offered services for very low fees, believing in the concept of trust, high volume, low profit sales. The financial service was in instant success. This lead the team of CoinMetro to believe that proper merging of crypto market with the traditional trading services was more than required.

What CoinMetro Offers

As a service for everyone, the first step was to ensure that the platform would be secure, fast and capable of working under extreme load. The obvious choice was to build the whole trading platform on decentralized, Blockchain technology. The team then looked back to it’s experience and selected financial services that would make up the platform.

CoinMetro’s services include saving, buying, storing and making transactions, all at lightning speed. The CoinMetro wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies and although the whole platform is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, there is support for other cryptocurrencies. Other services a user may require include instant exchange of crypto through atomic swaps, extremely low transfer fee, deposit and withdrawal of funds through debit cards.

For the more serious clients, services such as a proper exchange, ETF and tokenized asset management options are available. These services are the core offers of CoinMetro: merging cryptocurrency trading with traditional forex offerings the team had as a part of FXPIG. This allows users to use a single point of source to invest into cryptos and diversify their assets through self service (exchange) or through an automated asset manager (ETF).

Firms and startups can go for a comprehensive Token Sale service where the CoinMetro team plans out the whole event, from whitelisting to marketing on the platform. After the event is over, the token is immediately available for trading on their internal exchange, giving immediate value in market listing. With this option, the token developers can concentrate on their core job of developing and strategizing and let CoinMetro take care of the token handling.

CoinMetro’s Token Generation Event

The platform is powered by its own Ethereum based ERC20 compliant token called the COIN. In its first round of token generation event, the platform was able to raise close to $10,000,000. Following the success, the platform has started its main event, where 300,000,000 COINs are available for investors. Trading at a base rate for $0.14 per COIN, the price will gradually rise and tokens that are not acquired at the end of the event will be burnt and destroyed permanently to avoid inflation.

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