Blockchain Talent Solutions Provider ConnectJob to Launch Token Sale for Industry-Disrupting Platform


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Encouraged by the success of a two-month pre-sale, blockchain-based talent solutions firm ConnectJob went on to launch its general token generation event on February 12th, 2018. The crowd funding event will fund the development of a blockchain-based platform aimed to connect talent seekers and the talents themselves in a decentralized marketplace.

As talents become mobile, so must the market

Technology is playing catch up with the way people work, with the modern employee now working increasingly across borders and remotely, especially in the business and communications sector. Today, anyone with access to the Internet can deploy their skills to perform tasks and duties without a physical location, making the so-called “gig economy” a fast growing one, thanks to lower costs and more efficient delivery to an international labor market without time zones.

Nevertheless, freelancers and job seekers have to overcome several challenges, especially when starting out. Newer entrants have little reputation and are forced to take jobs that do not guarantee payments, while exposing their information to data theft and wondering if the jobs they take are genuine. This in addition to the large commissions levied on earnings for the jobs they do get paid for.

Transparency and decentralization is the solution

With ConnectJob, users can eliminate the centralization of the gig industry and the many limitations they impose. Built on the Ethereum protocol, the ConnectJob platform ensures that all job offers conducted through it are legally bound by smart contracts, connecting job seekers to job offers directly and ensuring payments are automatically executed upon the completion of jobs according to predetermined smart contract conditions.

With a smart contract escrow system built into the platform, funds are protected from tampering, protecting the interests of all parties. Job doers need never to worry about getting paid. Job providers never need to worry that tasks won’t be completed after payment is made.

Within the ConnectJob ecosystem, all participants can engage directly with each other, and build relationships and networks based on a peer trust system. Job seekers can rate job providers, and vice versa, ensuring that reputation and identity are authentically updated in an immutable, tamper proof blockchain network.

Protection for the global worker

Another disadvantage of freelancers is the lack of cover or protection when using these types of platforms. Freelance talents often do work without insurance, putting them at both physical and legal risk – especially as their physical status is often unclear, whether they are at home or at work.

As traditional insurance covers cannot yet deal with this concept, employers sometimes take advantage of this and bear no legal responsibility to protect freelancers.

This is yet another challenge ConnectJob looks to solve, by integrating all smart contracts formed between both parties with local employment insurance legal requirements. By accessing the platform via mobile app, geolocation services determine where workers are located and connects job seekers to available jobs.

A statement from the firms CMO revealed that in India, for instance, ConnectJob is collaborating with a local blockchain-based insurance firm to ensure the smart contracts do exactly this. The goal for ConnectJob is to protect all jobseekers with full coverage for all kinds of work concluded through ConnectJob.

The ConnectJob token (CJT) sale

As the native digital currency of the ConnectJob platform, ConnectJob tokens (CJT) will be used as the chief means of completing all transactions. Users paying in CJT can take advantage of a 10% discount on all service engagements, while gaining access to premium services and preferential access to highly sought after freelancers during times of high demand. Use CJT often enough and users attain top referencing and rewards when reaching certain milestones.

The token sale is currently live, accepting both fiat and Ether (ETH), with a 12% bonus on top of the basic rate of 1 ETH = 2,400 CJT. There are no minimum purchase limits.

To learn more about ConnectJob and the CJT token sale, visit the website and read the whitepaper. To get updates, follow them on Facebook or on Twitter, or read their blog updates on Medium. For direct contact, join the discussions on Telegram and Slack.

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