Solid Rocket Booster Ignition and Liftoff of the Datarius

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Already today, on March 5, 2018 at 12:12 UTC, the main ITO round of the Datarius project – the first social p2p cryptobank, starts. Users, natural and legal persons from all over the world, will be able to interact directly with each other, thereby avoiding the middlemen and paying only a minimal fee to the platform, at their discretion, based on the additional services selected. The final public round will also determine the total number of tokens in the Datarius ecosystem.

Datarius is:

– Pay what you want;

– Three categories of P2P Lending Listings with different risk levels;

– Minimum system fees in accordance with the AI-based transaction risk levels;

– Possibility of creating your own microcredit account;

– Possibility of making lending fully automated due to the Trust Limits and a unique rule designer;

– Your own rules for accepting loans automatically;

– Credit cards under P2P lending;

– Use of the international instant transfer systems;

– Analysts, risk managers, combined credit rating based on BIGData and partner services;

– Pools of lenders and borrowers automatically adjusted under AI-based criteria;

– Complete freedom, reliability and openness. At everything.

As well as:

– The strongest team with more than 15 years of banking experience;

– TOP blockchain advisers;

– Successfully completed presale x4 over SoftCap;

– Recognition at the conferences worldwide from Singapore to San Francisco;

– Agreement with a major banking applications developer;

– License application filed long before the presale.

Why to participate in ITO?

– DTRC token is a unique key and the only tool to access all the benefits of the Cryptobank;

– The emission of tokens will end together with the round;

– Fintech segment of p2p microlending demonstrates annually almost a 30.5% growth in developing countries;

Participation in the final round is the last chance to become an active user of the bank of the future and start earning money with the project.

What to do?

– Visit the Datarius official website and register as a participant at

– Hurry up to catch a 30% bonus in the first 6 hours of the round.

– Participate in the project’s Referral Program and share your vision and information with friends to get an additional 5% bonus.

Are you sick of opacity, greed, and banality of the classical financial systems? Do you aspire to freedom of choice and financial products as a Pay what you want service? Do you believe in the future of decentralization and blockchain technology? Do you want to make money with your bank? Datarius is your social p2p cryptobank.

On March 5, 12:12 UTC at demonstrate by your participation that the old banking system is dying.

Any contribution is of high value.

3..2..1..0 solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff of the Datarius!


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