Lockchain to Dramatically Expand in Early March

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen Lockchain’s project mentioned on most news outlets. If you haven’t yet then you should absolutely check out their project on their website. Lockchain is “The First Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental marketplace With 0% Commissions” within the blockchain, and aims to become the new go-to hotel and property booking website for the travelers of today. The promise is to deliver around 20% cheaper hotels and properties on their marketplace than their competitors, the big hotel and property booking websites. So far they seem to be successful in their promise. You can have a look at their properties and hotels in the alpha release. The LOC token had a small tokensale where they generated over 9 million USD, and have since been working intensively on the development of their platform. In less than a year Lockchain has started they’ve had their tokensale, a working booking engine and are going to release their beta version within just a couple of months. It’ll be an exciting moment for the Lockchain team and LOC token holders, which is currently listed on just a few exchanges.

The Alpha version of Lockchain’s marketplace, currently only listing “homes” is getting a massive update. Copyright: Lockchain Ltd, alpha.lockchain.co

Lockchain recently announced to have grown their hotel portfolio with 100.000 hotels via strategic partnerships. Good news for investors: Those 100.000 hotels will be integrated in early March. Not only will the portfolio of the booking engine grow significantly, they are also adding extra features to the alpha version. One of those features is an integrated wallet in the Lockchain engine that anyone can make use of. This wallet functions via API connectivity to the different exchanges LOC is listed on. As of now that includes the exchanges of HitBTC, GateCoin, Yobit,  Mercatox and Etherdelta. The Lockchain team is working hard to be listed on bigger exchanges. To achieve this they’ve taken on financial expert Harold Kim into Lockchain’s team as advisor. Harold Kim is known for his work with other large projects such as INS and NagaCoin, working on their advancements in listings on large exchanges.

Harold Kim to join Lockchain’s team. Copyright: LinkedIn

Furthermore, Lockchain is currently inviting their community to vote for listing on Huobi. They’re giving away 5 LOC tokens for every community member who participates in the voting – for those interested join their community on telegram and check out the article on how to get your free LOC tokens on medium. It’s a good idea to follow up on communications in their telegram anyway, as there’s been mentions in their telegram group of an incoming airdrop. So follow up on that if you’re interested in free tokens!

In short: Lockchain’s development team is working hard and achieving milestones in a very short time frame, as additional features such as integrated wallet support will be rolled out within the next couple of weeks. The business development is also catching up: 100,000 hotels achieved for their portfolio through strategic partnerships will be included in the new alpha version. They’re working hard to be listed on bigger exchanges by taking specialist Harold Kim in their team. Furthermore their community can enjoy free LOC tokens by voting for LOC on Huobi, as well as an airdrop coming in soon. Stay tuned on their developments, if you want to pick up some (free) tokens from this project!

Disclaimer: This article is written by a Lockchain community manager.

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