Wallet Celebrates 2 Million Wallets Created

This week our company is proud to say that two million Wallets have been created since its release just seven months ago. The multi-currency wallet allows users to store Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) in a non-custodial fashion. Moreover, our developers have big plans for the Wallet as more features are coming to the platform in the future.

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Two Million Wallets Download Since August Wallet Celebrates 2 Million Wallets CreatedThe Wallet reached a milestone of over two million wallets created this week. Bitcoin interest and demand has spurred thousands of downloads each and every week since the wallet was introduced back in August of 2017. The multi-currency wallet that holds BCH and BTC is available for download on mobile or desktop from every major operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome, Android, and iOS. The wallet allows users to store their private keys themselves; which means the funds are not held by a third party and has no access to the coins.

Just recently the wallet has added a few additions to the client’s interface making the user experience more enjoyable. For instance, the Wallet is one of seven wallet providers that offers Bitpay’s Payment Protocol compatibility. This makes paying Bitpay invoices with the Wallet simple and easy. Moreover, the wallet now offers ShapeShift abilities by utilizing the company Shapeshift’s API. This means users can swap BTC for BCH or vice versa natively—within the wallet’s interface. The platform also allows for multi-signature wallets where keys can be split between more than one device/user for added security. Wallet Celebrates 2 Million Wallets CreatedThe Wallet enables the ability to swap BTC for BCH or vice versa via the Shapeshift API.

Demand for Bitcoin Cash Has Doubled Usage’s owner and CEO Roger Ver is excited about the future of his company’s flagship product. Ver states during the announcement:

“Usage of our wallet has doubled in less than three months as demand for Bitcoin Cash continues to grow worldwide. With this, we are seeing an increase of industry support as well as merchant adoption on websites and retail venues. We are working hard to consistently roll out new features and improvements that add to the user experience of the Wallet.” Wallet Celebrates 2 Million Wallets Created

Our open source Wallet has many new features coming in the near future. In time, there will be the potential for debit-card top offs using the platform. developers are also researching BCH-based colored coin management. The Bitcoin Cash network may soon have the ability to create token based assets (colored coins), and wants to remain at the forefront of such technological advances.

Two million wallets created is a significant milestone for us, but it’s also just the start. hopes to provide wallets, tools, and educational resources to everyone all across the globe. The user-friendly Wallet is pushing that goal towards the next level as the cryptocurrency economy continues to grow exponentially.

Check out all the latest features and download the Wallet today!

Do you use our wallet? Let us know what you think about the Wallet in the comments below. 

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