Spectre.ai Announces Dividend Distribution, Platform Updates


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The world’s first broker-less trading platform, Spectre.ai, has proudly announced its maiden dividend distribution. A total of $250, 000 will be shared during its first distribution to the platform’s SXDT token holders thanks to the groundbreaking DALP (decentralized autonomous liquidity pool). This dividend is from DALP active participation alone and is a remarkable achievement for a blockchain startup whose main platform is just gearing up to launch. The team has also announced that this development is well ahead of its ICO promise, a rarity in the current industry.

Spectre.ai’s novel tokenized platform enables traders to not only trade 24 hours a day, but to also act as counterparty to all traders whenever applicable. Spotting two token classes, Spectre.ai offers both a utility token for trades on the platform and a dividend-distribution mechanism that pays out 2% dividends to dividend-token holders, every time a trade is executed. A further 2% from each trade is paid to Spectre management as the technology fee. The utility token, SXUT, is available on BiBox exchange, while the dividend token, SXDT, can be found trading on reputable decentralized exchanges such as Idex, Forkdelta, and etherdelta.

Spectre dividend payments are issued directly to dividend token holders (SXDT) in the coming weeks, following KYC for each token holder.

“This dividend is banked, secured and will be able to be withdrawn by SXDT token holders at the end of April using an onsite login facility on www.spectre.ai says Ian Buck, Spectre.ai head of investor relations.

Trader Protection

Traditional trading platforms lack the proper tools to protect traders from the most common trading pitfall; emotions and trade opportunity recognition.

Leveraging blockchain technology and proprietary AI algorithms, Spectre.ai eliminates these common drawbacks to trading, providing traders with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track their weaknesses and strengths through a comprehensive stats profile interface.

Spectre.ai self-learning algorithms study the trader’s weaknesses over time, learns from it, and alerts them whenever they are about to make the same mistake again. All transactions on the platform are backed by smart contracts, eliminating the need for a broker agent which has always been the chief source of opacity and concern on traditional trading platforms.

Dividend Declaration

Outlined in it’s December ‘DALP Protocol’ document, Spectre.ai invests idle capital from the group’s liquidity pool into both passive (15%) and active (85%) generation mandates. Following the recent market volatility across a range of highly liquid assets, the DALP was able to generate a risk-adjusted return of around 59.6% at a risk-reward ratio of 1.19 with just 0.8% risk.

Commenting on this, Hitesh Juneja, the group’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Posting a quarter of a million-dollar dividend to SXDT holders is a tremendous milestone. We look forward to capitalise on a range of active participation DALP opportunities in the future, should they present themselves, as we approach our trading platform launch”.

SXDT dividend distribution has been classified as non-operating income. The platform’s operating income will be generated from trade volumes (starting on the first week of  April 2018) and DappHub volumes (kicking off July/August 2018, about 6 months earlier than expected).

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