Why your programmers fantasize about a big rewrite.

A fictional account of real things I have said and heard.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to re-write this from scratch?”

“Yes, that would be awesome.” the team agreed.

“Then we could use a modern framework and that new language.”

“Then the code would be so clean.”

“Then we would have complete test coverage.”

“Then we would use a modern UI.”

“Then it would be so easy to debug.”

“Then we would remove all the crufty parts.”

“Then we would understand it completely.”

‘Then we could put new ideas into practice.”

“We could really be agile about it.”

“We’d have control over how we did it.”

“We’d have a voice in how we work.”

“We’d be taken seriously!”

“Our ideas would be respected!”

“Instead of being treated like code monkeys!”

“Then we could do great work.”

“Then we would really show the boss what good software looks like.”

“If only we had the chance to do a rewrite.”

“Then everything would be great.”

“If only.”

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