Communication, Love, and the Blockchain


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When it comes to relationships, communication is the foundation on which every other thing is built. Both parties must be able to freely express themselves in order to develop those crucial pillars of understanding that support every relationship.

Communication is at its best when both parties have unfettered access to the proper communication channels, reassured that not only will their message reach its destination, but it will also be heard in full and generate feedback. Communication is at its worst when these channels are clogged, and totally damned when it can be hacked, hijacked, eavesdropped on, and spoofed.

Love’s inherent ability to blossom in the most unlikely of places is the reason why the internet has now turned train stations and cafes into the most popular Wi-Fi hotspots. With the internet, time and space count for nothing. Anybody from anywhere can connect with their potential soulmate at the click of a button. However, the internet’s ease of accessibility means more than ¾ of the world’s population online. And this means just about anyone willing to communicate can communicate. Worst yet, anybody can listen in.

Love in Chains

There are two ways of committing a heist; en route or on-site. A package can either be hijacked on its way to a destination or inside that destination. The data transmitted over the internet is sent and received in batches. These batches can easily be intercepted or snooped upon by some rogues en route, or seized by a scoundrel on site. But why would this data be worth all the hassle?

For starters, it can all be about financial information, social security numbers, bank details, and passwords. These can either be used to siphon funds from victims or resold on the black market. However, in the connected world we live in, security breaches won’t just affect a single victim, but rather an entire network; from users sharing the internet connection with the victim to the victim’s circle of friends, family, and acquaintances. This circle tends to remain oblivious to the threat posed by their continuing communication with the contact in question, and more often than not, end up becoming another unwitting victim too.

So, what do we do? Do we communicate less in order to protect ourselves? Do we scan every contact to ensure that they are not “zombies”? Is there any mechanism for even doing so? Do we always have to question the motive behind every “Hi”? Has online love become a fairy tale?

No way. has developed a transparent and decentralized dating platform built on bilateral trust and a tamper-proof reputation system. The innovative network utilizes a first-of-its-kind machine-and-human input verification technology to authenticate and register users on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is currently the only secure infrastructure for signing personal information due to its encrypted distribution of information, making it tamper-proof. Without a centralized information silo that can be targeted, and with the information being distributed over hundreds of thousands of geographically dispersed computers, hackers would have to simultaneously access all these systems at once in order to change a single record – an impossible feat.

When the blockchain was developed, it was designed as a publicly accessible and transparent distributed ledger system. This has led to concerns about gaining a transparent and auditable system on one hand, while losing our privacy on the other. addresses this by integrating the revolutionary zero-knowledge proofs to protect all communications and exchanges from hackers, scammers, and eavesdroppers.

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