TriForce Tokens’ Partnership with Busca Todo Will Penetrate Latin America Gaming Market


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TriForce tokens is proud to announce an official partnership with Busca Todo, the owners and operators of, as well as the #1 videogame and PC gaming site in Chile, .

Growing Interest in Latin America

While TriForce Tokens is a UK based project, attention surrounding the innovative company has been heating up in Latin America, where several organizations have shown interest of integrating the FORCE cryptocurrency within the gaming scene in this respective region.

Latin America is somewhat of a sleeping giant when it comes to the gaming industry, with Mexico leading the way in terms of growth, taking over $1,400,000,000 Billion in revenue last year. Combined with countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile, this number goes up to $4,100,000,000.

Ramon Toledo, CEO, President, and Founder of Busca Todo spoke excitedly about the future of cryptocurrency within the gaming sector, saying:

Cryptocurrency is the beginning of something great as it is already permeating markets that seemed out of reach years ago. We are truly excited about joining forces with TriForce Tokens and revolutionize the gaming experience in Latin America once more. Gamers in Latin America will now have the opportunity to earn money through gaming, as simple as that”.

Busca Todo Exceeds 50 Million Page Views Monthly

Busca Todo focuses exclusively on Spanish speaking users globally and generates over 50 million page views monthly. Through this mutually beneficial partnership, the two companies look to solve pertinent issues facing the industry through offering state of the art entertainment networks, premium content offerings, specialized user experiences, as well as social interaction with Spanish-speaking gamers.

Now that FORCE cryptocurrency is slowing trickling its way into Latin American markets, users will be able to pool resources into one collective ecosystem, agnostic of game, studio, developer, or platform. This will allow gamers across console and PCs to communicate with each other, trade amongst each other, and so much more. Rewards from one game could even be used to trade and profit in another, thanks to the cohesive network FORCE tokens will enable.

These flurry of partnerships will have their potential realized later down the road, as the Triforce roadmap looks to establish a base of operations and recruitment as early as April of this year. May will see the project receiving ISO27001 certification, and beta network phase 1 completion. June will see a complete beta version integration kit alongside full documentations for developers, November the second phase of the beta network complete, with March of 2019 to see the release of the full production version of the entire ecosystem.

TriForce Token Sale Event

A presale of FORCE tokens will begin on February 20th 2018, which will continue until March 6th 2018, with a maximum funding cap of $1,000,000. 15,000,000 tokens will be made available during the sale. All participants will receive a 25% discount as well as prioritization on delivery of tokens.

The base rate for FORCE tokens will be calculated at 1 ETH = 6000 FORCE, with the main TGE being held on March 20th 2018 lasting until 10th April 2018. If the maximum cap of $60,000,000 is raised before the 10th, the TGE will come to an end. If the soft cap of $500,000 isn’t reached, all funding will be returned to respective participants minus any transaction fees.

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