PR: Unicorn Go Ltd. and ITO Center Create the UnicornGO Collection Game

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The founders of ITO CENTER announced the resale of the in-game crypto-currency of Candy Coin, which will be used in the UnicornGO collection game on the Ethereum and Universa platform, and is already available for purchase on the project website at a price of 0.001 ETH for 1 Candy Coin.

UnicornGO is a modern version of the famous Japanese fun Tamagochi, and it was announced shortly before the success of the game CryptoKitties, which has been already famous in the environment of crypto-enthusiasts. The game will be built on the Ethereum platform and Universa, to buy Candy Coin developers recommend to use the wallet Metamask.

The most intriguing feature of UnicornGO is the attention of creators of the game to the variation of the unicorn pairing. The real genetic scientists work on the study of the inheritance of various signs of fabulous crypto-animals, according to the scriptwriters of the game. Users will be able to cross their unicorns and receive valuable offspring and also set a price for the fact of coitus.

In addition to advanced genetics and its own in-game crypto-currency, UnicornGO’s gameplay promises users the opportunity to settle unicorns in their own homes on the planet of unicorns, buy land, plant candy trees, the fruits of which feed unicorns, and also look at the game in virtual and augmented reality. But not all at once, the UnicornGO interface will be perfected step by step.

Pre-sale of Candy Coin tokens is available on the site UnicornGO until February 28, a full-scale ICO project is not planned.

The technical stuffing, seemingly frivolous with the mind of the game, will be incredibly technological. In-game tokens Candy Coin, with an issue of $ 12 million working on the Ethereum network, smart contracts of the fairy-tale world are written on the Universa network with zero transaction costs. The next stage will be the integration of the UnicornGO interface with augmented reality in conjunction with IZETEX, as well as the introduction of the management of the power of thought, with the assistance of the innovative startup NeiroBasis. More information about the game mechanics and the stages of the project development you can read in White Paper, already available on the official website of UnicornGO.

The Trends of the Neosentimentality in the World of Crypto-Currency

In addition to the general utility of blockchain-start-ups, game, comic or simply non-commercial projects that use smart contracts and a distributed register are increasingly appearing on the market. Released in November 2017 CryptoKitties in the first week of its existence forced users to spend more than $ 3 million on ridiculous drawing kittens than significantly slowed all transactions on the network Ethereum, forcing the miners to raise commissions. At present, developers of the cryptokitties studio Axiom Zen earn well on selling the kittens and commissions generated by the system at 3.75% per transaction. Chinese crypto-enthusiasts did not take long to wait, and soon after the kittens announced the creation of HashPuppies, on the NEO network. In turn, the Chinese search engine Baidu has already launched its fun with crypto-puppies called Leci Gou, which allows you to sell, buy and exchange your dogs for blockchain.

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