Patron Raises $10 Million, Announcing Pre-Token Generation Event for Blockchain-Based Influencer Platform


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Japanese social marketing firm Patron builds on its reputation as one of the most successful enterprises in the country with the development of a world’s first influencer platform based on the blockchain.

Having already garnered a huge following of international followers backing its vision of creating a global marketplace for influencers, Patron has successfully raised $10 million in a private round of crowdfunding. It has now set the official date of a pre-token generation event (TGE) on February 14th, 2018, offering a 50% bonus on all token sales for two weeks, ending February 28th, 2018. Capped at $20 million, the pre-TGE will open the way for the public TGE that launches on March 1st, 2018.

Patron: the blockchain for influencers

Patron’s platform looks to bridge brands and companies with social influencers, whose contributions in online marketing are getting more recognition with the explosion of online communities on social networking sites. Through the use of mobile, influencers can engage with brands with the security and safety of blockchain technology, via an open and fair marketplace that eliminates the traditional disadvantages they normally face negotiating terms with brands and even with being discovered.

Whereas in the past, only notable and popular influencers would have brands reaching out to them.

Patron’s open marketplace ensures that all influencers have equal opportunity and access to revenue generation from influencer marketing. Patron CEO and founder Atshushi Hisatsumu explained that this was possible through the benefit of experience augmented with the innovation of technology. He believed that the creativity and artistic expression of influencers have begun to be noticed by brands who are now adding budget lines for influencer marketing, creating a real demand in the market, although much of is is still existing in silos:

We want to bring all of these actions under the Patron platform and make the process fair, transparent, and secure.”

Patron’s trailblazing form

Patron has covered a lot of ground in terms of development and progress, but the team has plenty more in the works, with an upcoming road tour to the US for an interview with Small Cap Nation and Nasdaq in Times Square, followed by an investor meeting with family offices in New York City and Silicon Valley.

Its TGE will leverage the experience of leading fundraising platform KICKICO, with whom Patron has confirmed a business partnership. It has also confirmed the listing of its Patron tokens on the HitBTC exchange platform following the conclusion of the TGE, ensuring immediate liquidity for the tokens and enabling trading on the open market.

About Patron

Intending to seize the opportunity with a young but growing global influencer marketing industry, Patron is building a decentralized marketplace for influencers based on blockchain. Designed and created by homegrown influencers in Japan, Patron’s platform represents the fair and transparent solution for brands to seek out and secure the services of international influencer talents.

Patron will be offering access on both web and mobile app, with the mobile app to be released in early 2018. To raise the funds necessary to develop the product, Patron is launching a TGE crowdfunding campaign, beginning with an ongoing pre-TGE.

It benefits from the added expertise of its advisory board, with the recent additions of former TechCrunch co-founder Keith Teare and Hashgraph advisor David Cohen.

To learn more about Patron, visit the website and read its technical whitepaper. To watch demonstrations, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Catch up with the team on Telegram and Facebook.

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