Consumers to Get Real World Experiences through Virtual Reality


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Try before you buy? What it would be like to take that to the next step? Would shopping ever be the same? Would purchasing a new home ever be the same? What about engaging the services of a freelance professional? Virtual Reality (VR) is about to critically change the way we access goods and services and it is going to lead to an element of trial that has never been possible even in the ‘real world’. Imagine an internet that allows you to experience products and services from the comfort of your home through any device that you own and then make allows you to make an informed choice. Now add a real economy to such a platform. This is the kind of powerful mix that MARK.SPACE has envisioned by bringing together online services, virtual reality/3D as well as the blockchain.

A whole new internet

At the core of concept that MARK.SPACE has envisioned is a brand new internet that is based on an open source platform for creation of 3D and VR compatible web spaces and objects. These web spaces can be in the form of websites that are owned by businesses or those that are owned by individuals such as freelancers. The enabling of businesses would be done through a designer construction kit that MARK.SPACE has developed. Using advanced mathematical algorithms the best possible precision can be provided to customers in 3D visualization that can be accessed on any computer, mobile phone or tablet or web browser. Additionally there is also a social platform being developed, a working prototype of which is already ready that would allow users to design their own virtual space and will come enabled with social capabilities like YouTube, Instagram as well as Audio and Text Files. Creating VR content would be easy for users as templates have been provided for common purposes.

A Game changer for Business

The VR platform that MARK.SPACEs have built is especially useful for businesses. The city like economy that they have envisioned further demarcates the virtual realm in to business, residential, retail and community based zones. The city is subdivided into districts, blocks and units. Advertisers for example can take advantage of open spaces to display their adverts. Freelancers would be able to have virtual offices out of which they can operate. There can be virtual stores that sell real products to customers who would be able to walk in and experience those for themselves. On a broader level what they have done is to enable businesses to give customers and users an experience parallel to the one they may get in a ‘real world’ establishment. Businesses also get a substantial amount of control and can personalise and tailor their virtual presence to their liking.

Creating unique experiences

The theme of anyone can do VR is extended further as MARK.SPACE are now holding a competition for the best designed virtual apartment. This real estate contest is open to all users of the platform and will run until February 28, 2018, which also happens to be the last date of participation in their main token sale, which they are conducting for crowdfunding purposes. The contest would be judged on parameters such as ‘Best Creative Job’, ‘Best Content’ and ‘Community Favourite’. The large MARK.SPACE community would be voting to pick their favourite entry. Participants can fill an online form to enter the contest. Submissions can be published by MARK.SPACE on either Twitter or Facebook.

Crowdfunding a VR future

As a blockchain based project, there is an emphasis on the community aspect in the project. MARK.SPACE are conducting a token sale to crowdfund the future expansion, growth and development of the platform. In doing so they would be selling the MRT token to investors. The token sale is being conducted in phases and in the current fourth phase of the sale the price of each MRT token is USD 0.10. The hard cap for the token sale is USD 35 mln. MRT token would play the role of a bridge between the real and the virtual world. Users would be able to use it to design their own virtual spaces and to furnish them. It can also be used to purchase real goods and services from virtual stores in the platform. The token would also be tradeable and thus would act as a point of entry to the platform. Details about the tokensale as well as the project have been made available in a white paper by MARK.SPACE. As a project MARK.SPACE is a perfect mix of emerging technologies that are already transforming the world. It is also a starting point of a new type of internet and thus will attract the attention of those investors who are looking for major disruptive projects in the near horizon.

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