ICO Analysis: SyncFab

Endor.coin, more commonly known as Endor, is a behavioral analytics protocol for businesses as well as individual users. The team has dubbed the project as the “Google for predictive analytics.”

Until now, high costs have kept out anyone but large organizations from accessing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Most predictive questions require data scientists, weeks of iteration, and consistently updating data models to produce accurate results. Using blockchain technology and automation, Endor democratizes this data making it available for anyone to use – no fancy Ph.D. required.

Social Physics

Endor expands on a new, MIT-based science, Social Physics. This science states that each set of event data, like credit card purchases, contains certain human activity patterns within the data. If you’re able to detect these patterns, you can create more accurate predictive analytics than normal machine learning.

Automatic Prediction Engines for Enterprises

Endor’s first focus is on an automated “Data as a Service” platform for enterprise clients. With this engine, a business can upload a set of behavioral data, and after a short integration (a few hours at most), they’ll be able to ask questions about the future behavior of the subjects in the data set.

The team has already used this platform in studies to measure brand loyalty, new product adoption, and market campaign effectiveness at Coca-Cola as well as detect ISIS activists on Twitter. All of this done at a fraction of the cost of current systems.

Data Science for the Masses

After the successful implementation of Endor for enterprises, the team plans to use the protocol to fully democratize behavioral predictions. Through the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, Endor connects users to data providers in a cost-effective, trustless way ensuring that the predictions they receive are as accurate and affordable as possible.
At first glance, this may not seem as beneficial for individuals as it is for organizations. Imagine this, though. As a cryptocurrency investor, you want to know, “What tokens are going to increase in price by 20% in the next month?” With Endor, you now have access to the robust predictive trading engines that were previously only available to institutional investors and the uber-wealthy. Although the answer you receive may not be perfect, it still gives you a critical edge over those not receiving it.


The Endor team is designing the protocol in a way that connects to an existing blockchain as well as off-chain datasets. As a user, you must pay EDR tokens to make a prediction request. The larger and more complex your request, the more EDR you need to pay. Two potentially separate entities receive this payment. The first is analytical data providers who supply the robust data sets used in the analytics. The other are those who perform the intensive computations on those data sets.

The team will eventually open up the Data Layer so that providers can additionally sell their data to outside parties.


PhDs, data scientists, and product experts comprise the majority of the Endor team with a large number of members tied to directly to MIT.

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, co-founder and CEO, is an MIT researcher and recently published “Swarms and Network Intelligence in Search” – a fitting book for the Endor protocol. Another MIT co-founder, Professor Alex Pentland, created Social Physics and is a founding member of advisory boards for many notable organizations like Google and the UN Secretary General.

Beyond a rockstar team, Endor is already working with some big players in the product and service industries. The list of partners includes Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Travelers Insurance, to name a few. On the blockchain side, the team has formed strategic partnerships with Bancor and Enigma.

Tokens and Distribution

The team hasn’t yet released any information on the number of tokens or how they’ll distribute them.

However, they outline in their whitepaper that they’ll use the majority of the ICO contributions for research and development. The team will also use up to 10% of the proceeds to form a joint partnership with a world-leading research institute. Additionally, up to 30% of funds will be used to purchase proprietary technology such as prediction engines.


Endor is using Social Physics to provide better predictive analytics to businesses as well as individuals. The enterprise protocol has already been successfully tested and used by numerous Fortune 500 companies while the individual-facing product will be available at the end of 2018.

Even though the token distribution details haven’t been released, the team and partnerships alone are strong indicators that this could be a valuable opportunity.


  • No token details. The team has yet to release any details about the token distribution. Even with a great project, poor distribution could be detrimental to investor returns. (-3)
  • Dependence on a consumer product. The enterprise protocol is only one half of the project. The half for individuals hasn’t been built yet and has a lot to prove. (-3)

Growth Potential

  • Numerous use-cases. There’s no shortage of scenarios that benefit from predictive analytics. AI, machine learning, and behavioral science are becoming more valuable each year. (+4)
  • All-star team. This is exactly the type of team you want working on a project like this. From MIT data scientists to blockchain experts, they’ve got it all. (+4)
  • Successfully tested product. Having a working product puts Endor ahead of the majority of other ICOs. The fact that it’s been tested with big-name companies is just the icing on the cake. (+5)


Endor scores an impressive 7 out of 10. The project checks off the boxes you want to see in an ICO. Strong team? Check. Large market? Check. Working product with customers? Check and check.

The only unknown, for now, is how they’re going to distribute the tokens after the ICO. If the Endor team stands by their mission of decentralization and democratization with fair distribution, this has the potential to be one of the most exciting ICOs of the year.

Investment Details

Endor has not announced a date for their crowdsale yet. However, you can check out their website to stay up-to-date with any news or updates.

  • Type: Utility
  • Symbol: EDR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: Pending
  • Soft/Hard Cap: Pending
  • Price: Pending
  • Jurisdictions Barred from Participation: Not specified

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