Did You Miss out Streamity Pre-ICO? Get Ready to the First Round of Main ICO, Starts on 12th of March


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Streamity concluded its presale successfully raising $2.8 million easily reaching its pre-set targets. Yet so many people who wished to participate during the presale program missed it out. Only 23 days left until the start of the first round of Streamity’s ICO.

Main ICO Still offers 20% Bonus on your Contribution

Streamity’s upcoming main ICO phase will offer a 20% bonus on contribution to its participants. During the first day of the ICO 20% bonus will be offered to participants and from the second day to the fourteenth day of the ICO a 15% bonus will be offered to all participants buying the STM tokens.

Subsequently during the second phase of the ICO 10% bonus on investment will be offered to participants. During both phase one and two of the ICO, 110,200,000 STM tokens will be up for sale after which the Initial Coin Offering can be completed.

Shortly after completing Streamity ICO, the team will start working on one of the core element of the Streamity project which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2018. StreamDesk is the payment processing Engine in Stremity and it will be secured with a smart-contract.

Streamity is here to Deliver

Streamity continues to remind its supporters that the well experienced project team members are working round the clock to beat all it’s set deadlines and realise the project deliverables on time.

According to the project roadmap, Educational, information and analytical resources will be launched in the second quarter of 2018. During the fourth quarter of 2018 the project’s cryptocurrency converter will be launched.

Android and IOs application fully optimized with all Streamity services offered on the website will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. In the last quarter of 2019 Streamity’s own payment system will be created and integrated with the existing StreamDesk services. This is briefly the timeline the Streamity exchange development team are working in accordance with.

What we want to Change in the Cryptocurrency exchange Business

Hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges are already in existence. Streamity aims to offer a unique services crafted from an in-depth market study of the cryptocurrency industry.

One of the main features of cryptocurrency exchange Streamity wants to change is the way transaction fees are charged in cryptocurrency exchanges. As we stated in our whitepaper a maximum of a 2% transaction fee will be charged for transaction through the StreamDesk platform. This is cheaper than what most cryptocurrency exchanges charge.

Streamity offers a variety of membership packages ranging from basic, silver, golden, platinum, brilliant to unlimited. Fees charged on all these packages increases in the ascending order from basic to unlimited as all these packages offer different levels of privileges in the Streamity platform.

Streamity also strive to significantly reduce the time it takes for a cryptocurrency transaction to propagate from one node to another. This is a prerequisite for adaptation of the platform by mainstream businesses and individual usages.

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