Samsa Launches Cryptocurrency Indexes

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Samsa aims to bring robo-advising to the world of cryptocurrency. Today, Samsa has launched a cryptocurrency index platform that enables users to create custom portfolios from a basket of indexes. This strategy will transform crypto investment from single asset purchases (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) to index investments (Protocol Tokens, Privacy Coins, Top 20 Coins, etc.) The goal is to transform the current crypto investing markets into a more mature industry, similar to the stock market.

“Just as ETFs are the preferred means of investment in traditional securities markets, our ETIs (Exchange Traded Indexes) bring the world of cryptocurrency investment one step closer to the sophistication of traditional markets” said Ari Stiegler, Co-Founder of Samsa.

The indexes offered on Samsa vary in volatility and exposure. Some are traditional market-cap weighted indexes such as “Market 3” and “Market 20” Indexes. These are simply the top 3 and top 20 coins by market cap, respectively. Other indexes are specific to aspects of cryptocurrency, such as “Privacy Coins”, which is an index of privacy coins like Monero and Zcash.

Available for comment was the Samsa CEO Chris Slaughter, who said “Over the last year, we have seen index strategies offer significantly less volatility than single coins, and often outperform the average crypto day-trader. We believe that average investors deserve the same advanced strategies that hedge-funds utilize, and our growth thus far proves there is strong demand for it.”

Samsa will be adding dozens of more indexes over the coming month, and hopes to quickly grow their Exchange Traded Indexes (ETIs) to become the de facto cryptocurrency index platform.

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