New Startup with Dividends for Users and Projects

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Otcrit, an ambitious European startup, is composed of a young team of blockhain-believers, who have decided to highlight projects with actual value. What they have defined as one of the major problems on the crypto-market is the fact that the community doesn’t get enough valuable and objective information and all projects are focusing only on marketing. Many exchanges are listing all kinds of tokens – without caring if there is an actual business behind them or not. At the end, just because the tokens’ creators can afford the costly procedures and fees, traders get presented with assets with no real future. The key words are ‘usability’ and ‘adoption’ and this is what the Otcrit team stands behind. They are convinced that unless a shift in the crypto-economy towards a more practical approach takes place, the burst of the ICO bubble will be inevitable.

Part of their solution is the Otcrit platform where their experts and community members will be constantly producing valuable information and reports about distributed ledger technology projects. People from all over the world will be able to publish analyses and reports on crypto-companies in various categories – team & founders, competition, industry, code evaluation, etc. Users on the Platform will be able to hire these specialists or community authors and pay them in OTC tokens to write private reports.

Another important segment of their ecosystem will be the Otcritex, which can be defined as the next step in cryptocurrency exchanges. Otcritex’s rich database will help traders make better decisions and not get succumbed to emotions. Considering how upcoming forks, updates and milestones have a huge impact on the assets’ prices, the team will be updating them at all times. Based on numerous factors which go beyond market cap size, they will introduce the world to their own OTC 100 Index, featuring the most well-perceived crypto-assets. These will also be available for over-the-counter trading on the exchange, making it easier and more accessible for the public to buy and sell large quantities of tokens without meddling with their prices.

Most importantly, the exchange will be listing only projects with solid teams and business plans, the assets of which you can utilize to pay for actual services and products. Being listed on the Otcritex will not cost anything. This way many promising ICOs will be able to take advantage of the chance to get greater exposure. Companies that have been accepted on the Otcritex will be tracked and if its founders see that a project is not living up to the promises that they make to their supporters, they will be penalizing it. Those ventures that follow their roadmap and are completely transparent to their followers will be rewarded with a percentage of Otcrit’s profit, made from the trading of their token.

However, the asset creators will not be the only ones to benefit from this business model. Holders of Otcrit’s native token, the OTC, will be awarded on a weekly basis with 10% of the company’s earnings. The rewards will be distributed in ETH.

Since this project is entirely community-centric, it will be improving constantly, based on the users’ feedback. Having responsive customer managers will also be a priority, considering how many traders have gone through the headache of needing months till an issue of theirs is resolved.

Their pre-sale campaign is now open and if you want to be a part of this positive change, then you can read more about it on their website, check the Alpha version of the Otcrit platform and you can also join the exclusive token pre-sale which will last until 15th of March.

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Victor Koychev

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