Live Music Marketplace Viberate’s VIB Tokens Listed on Changelly


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Decentralized music marketplace Viberate, whose tokens sold out under five minutes during the ICO held in September 2017, is increasing the liquidity and reach of its VIB tokens with a new partnership with The partnership essentially allows Changelly users to use Visa, Mastercard, and every major cryptocurrency to purchase their tokens, and gain access to the live music industry.

The VIB tokens will be the platform’s main currency, and will be used:

  • to help event organizers pa musicians for gigs,
  • by Viberate to reward users who work on the platform,
  • by musicians who need access to premium industry contacts,
  • and give artists the opportunity to expose their work to wider music industry and fans.

Regarding the platform’s partnership with Changelly, Viberate’s co-founder Vasja Veber emphasized that the deal is especially important to those about to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as it facilitates the process. He stated:

“After our successful ICO I spent hours explaining how to buy our token to friends and family, who heard about Bitcoin just recently and have no idea what a token is. Before Changelly they needed to open an account at a major exchange, wait to get verified, wire fiat, wait for it to be credited, buy ether or bitcoin, move it to an exchange that lists our token and then they finally got their hands on some VIBs. Now, they only need to get an Ethereum wallet, which takes a few seconds and then buy VIB tokens with their credit card. It’s easier than buying a plane ticket.”

Changelly’s widget is currently featured on, and will soon be added to the service itself. This, Veber added, is extremely important as event organizers aren’t expected to go through a hassle to buy VIB tokens, and with Changelly they won’t have to as after the widget is integrated into every profile, the “user experience will not be much different from buying stuff on Amazon.”

The move is a big one for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole, as musicians on the live music marketplace will get paid in cryptocurrencies, which will in turn improve the token’s liquidity, leading to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Changelly is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange services, offering seamless conversion of over 80/90 cryptocurrencies at the best rates on the market, while having no amount restrictions and providing users with an effortless exchange of large sums. The exchange was launched in 2015, and already processes over 50,000 BTC a month, thank to over 500,000 customers using the platform. Its partnerships include Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Uquid debit card, Coinomi and Bittrex, among other industry players.

Konstantin Gladych, Changelly’s CEO, stated:

“We are happy that crypto industry becomes more tightly integrated with music. Changelly will provide thousands of customers with VIB tokens they can use for interaction with the Viberate platform. With our built-in widget, Changelly will enable everyone to seamlessly invest into the live music industry with cryptocurrency.”

Those who may not want to use the exchange, are able to get their hands on VIB tokens, as Viberate started rewarding contributors with them in December 2017. There are 5000 VIBs daily distributed among users that actively contribute to the database, expand the user base and promote Viberate services. Furthermore, they also signed an endorsement deal with Imogen Heap – a two-time Grammy award winner, who will help the service with advice, network and image and likeness.

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