Dragon Coin’s Public Token Sale Is Open

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Dragon maintains its momentum to revolutionize high-stakes gaming and junkets

(ASEAN – February 15th, 2018) Dragon Inc., which is on track to drastically transform the high-stakes and the junket gambling marketplace through its blockchain-based solution, launched its Public Token Sale today.  The sale is set to run for 30 days from February 15th until March 15th, 2018, or until the allotted 83 million tokens are sold. The price during this stage of the token sale is set at 0.005 ETH per 1 DRG, while it is currently selling at a rate of 0.006+ ETH per 1 DRG on the CoinHub exchange.

Dragon, to the trust of its community, has continued on its planned roadmap with the listing of the DRG token on exchanges prior to their public token sale – with CoinHub.io being the first exchange onboard.  They have further received confirmation that DRG will be listed on HitBTC as of February 27th. Dragon is also in late-stage talks with a number of other top-ten exchanges. The company will release more on exchanges as information becomes available.  

Paul Moynan, Co-Founder of Dragon explains:

“Dragon is the first benchmark Token Sale that has a live monthly multi-Billion dollar business attached to us, which requires our clients (high rollers) to be able to purchase the Dragon Token to access the platform, so like EOS we have listed on exchanges prior to our public token sale.”

Dragon continues to see growth in the multi-billion dollar per month market of high-rollers and junkets globally, especially in the ASEAN markets that have a population of over 4.5 billion people. Dragon’s accelerated growth is most evident in markets like Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, and Malaysia.

The company is also on an ongoing drive to secure key strategic partnerships including one with Expay, one of the largest payment gateways in Asia.  ExPay will be working with Dragon to complete the development of the Dragon wallet, ensuring ease of use and cost efficiency.

With all the momentum that Dragon is experiencing, it continues to be not only one of the largest token sale to date with over $320 million raised before the public token sale, but also one of the most promising real business opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem to date.

About Dragon Inc.

Dragon Inc. is an organization fully committed and focused on applying a Fintech solution, with robust corporate governance, to Macau’s Junkets and their VIP Gamers. In time, the business is expected to extend to supporting casinos both in Macau and internationally.

Dragon Inc’s blockchain-based solution is geared toward providing cost reductions, improved efficiency and higher levels of security and transparency in the store and transfer of value throughout the gaming industry.

Dragon Completed its successful Pre Sale of over $5 million dollars in December 2017. The $5 million raised, as well as other institutional and junket investors makes Dragon Coin the largest Token Sales to date with over $320 raised to this point.

Dragon Inc. targets to be operational as a licensed junket in Macau – branded as the first ‘Dragon Junket’ – following the upcoming Chinese New Year 2018. Four key junket partners will join as Dragon affiliated junkets by end of Q1 2018.

If you’d like to learn more about the company’s ecosystem, solution and intellectual property, please visit https://drgtoken.io.

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