Bringing Romance Back to Today’s Inconsistent World with Blockchain Based Super Secure Dating App Hicky


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We’ve read about it. We’ve sang about it. We’ve watched the movies too. There’s a thing called love. A force powerful enough to break down all the geopolitical and socioeconomic barriers ever known to man, travel through space and time to connect the longing hearts. However, the 21st century’s ever expanding technological advancement in communication and connectivity is proving to be an ever insurmountable barrier for true love.

How dating apps ruined love

The instantaneous means of communication the Internet offers nowadays has reinvented the concept of love from “first sight” to “first profile”.

A picture tells a thousand words, and your average memory card can hold over 10,000 of those pictures. Designed to capture a moment in time, these pictures are supposed to reflect faithfully whatever they depict. And while this ability is still here to stay, the ease at which any digital file can be propagated online means there’s no way of claiming true ownership and the right context to any time and any place.

When it comes to true love, there is no room for lies. You’re either whoever you claim to be, or not. Unfortunately, the abundance of dating sites has turned this into a game. Easy access to large amounts of potential partners has not only changed the way we seek for them, but also the way we appreciate them. Gone are the days of regretting the one gone forever when we can just cast another line into the sea, and catch another fish.

The only thing we need is bait. Something juicy, something irresistible.

The online dating landscape is highly competitive for anybody looking to make any sort of meaningful connection. Despite the “plenty of fish” in this sea, getting one to cast a glance in your direction would require plenty of exaggeration, misdirection, and sometimes, direct impersonation. Why? Because everybody else seems to be acting that way.

The traditional dating apps have no functional mechanism for authenticating users’ information without breaching and compromising the user’s privacy. They have no road map for validating the information submitted, nor for fostering positive and meaningful engagement.

They have no way of keeping the flames alive.

Why we do it wrong

It’s easy to claim that the misuse of the unique opportunity given to the users is to blame for this, but what use is a car if the manufacturer fails to add wheels? Should the driver be blamed for the vehicle’s lack of mobility?

No way!

The best the users can do about it is try and adapt to the situation, and find a way to make the system work, even if it involves lying, cheating, and stealing (other people’s data). This has in turn created a climate of distrust amongst people looking to engage with each other, and in order not to get hurt, it’s dating that has become a game for the majority. You win some, you lose most.

Blockchain to the rescue

Legacy dating apps like Tinder are flawed. Let alone catfishing, spambots, and manipulations these services employ.

Picture this.

When downloading an app that people use for one-night stands, you don’t really expect to find a soulmate. You don’t trust those people and their intentions.

Luckily, now we have a decentralized and tamper-proof technology to tackle this issue.

What if there was no way to hack or fake an account? What if there was a guarantee your date would look exactly the same as they’d looked online and would say the same they’d written in their profile? What if there were violation penalties in such a club? is such a place.

With’s cryptographically secure information storage and verification protocol, happily ever afters are no longer for fairy tales.

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