Spectre™ Declares $250,000 ‘DALP’ Dividend

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19th February, Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Spectre.ai, the world’s first broker-less trading platform is pleased to announce a $250,000 maiden dividend. This first dividend comes from Spectre.ai’s DALP (decentralised autonomous liquidity pool) active participation activities outlined in it’s December ‘DALP Protocol’ document where idle capital in the group’s liquidity pool will be invested in both passive (15%) and active (85%) generation mandates.

On this occasion, owing to excessive market volatility across a range of highly liquid assets, the DALP has been able to generate a risk-adjusted return of around 59.6% at a risk-reward ratio of 1.19 at just 0.8% risk.

Hitesh Juneja, the group’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented “Posting a quarter of a million-dollar dividend to SXDT holders is a tremendous milestone. We look forward to capitalise on a range of active participation DALP opportunities in the future, should they present themselves, as we approach our trading platform launch”. This dividend is classified as non-operating income. Operating income will be generated on the Spectre.ai trading platform from trade volumes, commencing first week April 2018 and DappHub volumes, commencing July/August 2018, around 6 months earlier than expected.

Depending on available opportunities and market conditions, the DALP may re-capitalise on such passive participation opportunities in the future. This dividend is banked, secured and will be able to be withdrawn by SXDT token holders at the end of April using an onsite login facility on www.spectre.ai.

Regulatory notice: Owing to a tightening of the legal framework in certain restricted jurisdictions such as the United States this year, for those specifically wanting to pull dividends, KYC will be performed onsite. The procuring of SXDT tokens by U.S citizens on exchanges is against the Spectre.ai terms and conditions and dividends will not be paid to U.S citizens. Please ensure to declare any capital gains or dividend income to your local taxation authorities to ensure you always remain compliant. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk activity and you can lose everything.

Company Contact: Ian Buck, Head of Investor Relations
Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The term “dividend” is being to used a descriptive term, to indicate the reward program established within the Spectre AI protocol. This term is not accorded any meaning beyond this and provides no equitable ownership in Spectre.AI, or its associated companies. No shares in stock, registered securities, currency, is being made payable within the Spectre.AI Dividend program.

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