Friend Platform Launches First Norway TGE


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Friend Software Corporation, developers of the Friend Unifying Platform, are proud to announce the world’s first TGE launch from Norway, a country known for its strict standards when it comes to transparency, integrity, and corporate governance.

Norway Approved

The Norwegian company collaborated with nation authorities and one of the largest banks in Norway to ensure all operations were compliant with relevant laws, giving potential participants of the TGE peace of mind.

The platform the project is pushing will offer the world’s first open source virtual cloud computer, designed for decentralized and secure computing. Touted as one of the first Blockchain operating systems, Friend will be accessible via a browser or installed natively on top of Linux. Built for blockchain technologies, the platform will be ready for users to use immediately after logging into their accounts.

Blockchain applications will of course thrive in this ecosystem, but so will also traditional web and legacy programs as well. Developers can swiftly deploy and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralized technology, with the Friend network being a platform where participants share ownership over the infrastructure and can earn tokens.

TGE Details

Participants in the TGE will earn a 20% bonus in the pre-sale, and only need to register before participating. The proceeds will help the project come to life and realize their vision, which according to their roadmap, has plenty of things planned out until the fourth quarter of 2021.

Initial beta for Android, iOS, and Windows should be available sometime this quarter, with additional objectives spanning from decentralized scaling to Golem and Filecoin integration, are all ambitious milestones the Friend team would like to accomplish.

An extensive technology stack that offers client-side integrations and a zero-deployment cost approach for virtual computers will help seamlessly integrate the different kind of applications this platform can support.

Advantageous Compared To Traditional Offerings

Compared to traditional means, the platform has attracted attention from software companies that are using the software to deploy Windows based applications for users across different devices and locations.

This has proven to be very cost efficient in making software both platform and device agnostic, as well as allowing applications to be deployed not only faster, but cheaply.

About the Friend Unifying Platform

The Friend Unifying Platform is a powerful open source framework that will allow developers to decouple their applications from technology silos. It will empower developers to swiftly deploy on and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralised technologies in a new blockchain based infrastructure, the Friend Network.

The Friend Network enables secure, global access to personal virtual Friend Cloud Computers that simplify, augment and enhance the use of the Ethereum blockchain for everyone that is connected to the internet. Through this cloud computer network, decentralised applications can be deployed and distributed in seconds.

Friend makes it easy to connect to arbitrary technologies and deploy them on the internet. It reduces development overhead by providing a functionality that covers user access, distribution, file management and much more.

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