ARK Releases API V2: A Technical Update to the Platform’s API


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ARK is a blockchain-based platform that helps bridge different blockchains, this way it becomes a decentralized intermediary enabling communication amongst one another allowing for cross chain events.  For example, If you wanted to trigger an ETH smart contract but only hold ARK (the native token) , you could just send the instructions right to the wallet to trigger the event.

The way it does this is through something called a SmartBridge, which is the literal mechanism by which ARK links separate blockchains. This streamlines the process of leveraging the functions of different blockchains by eliminating the need to trade for a long list of cryptos just to do so. Essentially, you don’t need to actually trade for ETH to create a smart contract Ethereum, just ark.

ARK Creates New Version of API

ARK has now rolled out API v2, a technical update to the platform — something that started with Restify, a Node.js web service framework optimized for building web services ready for production use at scale. Alas, this setup was not meant to be as it did not provide the necessary tools to fulfill the vision the team had for their new API.

Thus, ARK moved on from Restify to Hapi – another node.js web service framework that scales on both the personal level and on the enterprise level. In addition, it allowed ARK to implement every version of the API as a plugin – simple and easy, and in line with ARK’s goal.

Making Improvements

According to ARK, there was a major problem with API v1 which the new version fixes; it didn’t follow any standards and was not ‘RESTful’, in any sense of the word. This means that the API was less efficient and took up more bandwidth than if it were using REST technology.

API v2 will fully integrate REST tech and closely follow standardized criterion known as JSON API specifications. What this means is that all API endpoints that serve resources like blocks and transactions will act like collections. This change will allow users to understand how the API endpoints work and are structured without having to continually check the API documents because the structure is standardized.

Making The API More Secure

APIs that are publicly accessible are vulnerable to abuse via a kind of DDoS attack that floods the servers with requests that exceed its capacity, causing too many queries that kill the database. Thus, a small change has been added to prevent such an attack. The change has been the addition of request throttling, which literally throttles requests by setting up a request limit that cannot be surpassed. The users will have the ability to check the request throttling is working by performing a request to any API endpoint and checking the response headers.

The ARK Crew is famous for their continual commitment to strive ever forward as the pioneers of innovative and groundbreaking blockchain technologies. Their new API v2 will boast many new features including an attempt at better data handling and providing throttling and caching right out of the box.

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